How to study TOEIC!

How to study TOEIC!

These days, almost all companies require a  job applicant to
have  a TOEIC score which is, as much as possible, higher than 900.
As a result, many job seekers scurry to cram schools and spend countless of
hours studying for the TOEIC exam.- done

Many people  spend much time memorizing as many words as they
can;  yet, on the day of the exam, they find themselves trying to
recall all of the words they’ve memorized. Worse, most of the words they
memorized don’t even appear in the actual exam.- done

In reality, it’s impossible to memorize all English words. Prior to the
invention of the internet, there were already more than a million English
words. With the internet, more technical words have been added to the
dictionary. And because it is pointless to memorize all English words, it is
not good to just rely on memorizing English words. There are certain skills and
techniques that will help a reader or a test taker determine the meaning of a
word when it is used in a sentence. One word can have multiple meanings. The
meaning changes depending on how it is used in the sentence.

For example:

Let’s use the word crane. The word crane has different meanings. First,
it’s a bird. Second, it’s a kind of equipment used for carrying heavy objects.
Third, it’s means to stretch out the neck.

  1. The crane is a beautiful
  2. The car is too heavy; a crane is
    needed to get it out from the ditch. 
  3. The teacher spoke too softly. She had to crane her neck to hear the
    teacher's explanation. 

What if a student
managed to memorize only the first meaning of the word crane, which means
bird? If he reads sentence number 2, does he imagine a bird trying to lift
a car from the ditch?

How, then, can a
student know how to answer questions in exams, particularly in TOEIC exams?





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