How To Get a Good TOEIC Score

How To Get a Good TOEIC Score

HThis is the beginning of a series of techniques in answering TOEIC questions. Let’s take a look at these TOEIC questions taken directly from TOEIC ETS BOOK VOLUME 5 TEST 2.

1. Williamstown Borough Bikes is open on weekdays _________ 10:00
a.m. to 5 pm.

  • a. From
  • b. Since
  • c. By
  • d. Until

Before reading the question, very quickly read the answer choices.
This way, you will instantly have an idea of what is going to be asked. It
really helps if you read them in an undertone, not just in your head. You will
hear the word you read so it will make a more lasting impression in your
memory. Note that in Question Number 1, the choices are prepositions.

Next, read the question. Actually, you don’t even have to read the
whole sentence anymore. Because you already know that the question is about
which preposition to use, just proceed to where the problem starts. In Question
1, the blank is before “10:00 a.m.”. Right after “10:00 a.m.”, there’s the preposition
“to”. Aha. There, you got it. We say “from… to”, so just shade the letter A
from on your answer sheet. It’s that simple. With constant training, this type
of question should take you only a maximum of 7 seconds to answer.

Now, let’s take a look at Question Number 2.

2. All Dokgo Design employees should update _____ timesheets

  • a. Theirs
  • b. Them
  • c. Their
  • d. They

Again, very quickly read, in an undertone, the list of choices, so
that you will have an idea of what is going to be asked. Proceed to the blank;
that’s where you have to put the right answer. Note that the word after the
blank ends with an S, which means that it is a plural noun. Among the answer
choices given, which is used for a noun?

Applying the technique I provided, this question should take you
only a maximum of 4 seconds to answer.

More techniques coming your way soon!





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