How to get a good TOEIC score 2

How to get a good TOEIC score 2


Number 3 goes like this:

3.A street map ________ a travel guide are available on the city official’s website.

  • a. so
  • b. but
  • c. and
  • d. nor

as you practice answering TOEIC questions every day, you will soon be answering
questions of this type in a maximum of 3 seconds.

a person who speaks English, the answer to this question comes instinctively.
But, this blog hopes to help test takers achieve their target scores in TOEIC.
It has to be noted that in some lands where English is not spoken as a second
language, jukus and hagwons (Japanese and Korean terms for academy ,
respectively) just teach students the grammar formula in order for the student
to know which among the choices is the answer. This SECTION of the blog is not
about how to make a student speak English well. Rather, this SECTION teaches
students of TOEIC about ways to improve their TOEIC score. If you want to read
about how to improve one’s speaking skills, tips about this topic will be
published soon.

going back to my topic…

sentence begins with the determiner A. This is a clue that a singular noun
follows it.  That singular noun is Map.
Next, check the words that follow after the blank. It also begins with the
determiner A, and this is a signal that another singular noun is coming. And
yes, that singular noun is the word (travel) guide.

check the verb. The verb is ARE, which signals a plural subject.  So, the singular noun before the blank + the
singular noun after the blank= Plural Subject of the verb Are.  Therefore, the answer is letter C.





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