Who is an effective Pronunciation teacher?

Who is an effective Pronunciation teacher?


Ideally, aside from years of experience teaching English Pronunciation, a very good English Pronunciation teacher is one who practices what he preaches; a teacher who articulates the words correctly when he speaks. In addition, a teacher who is well - acquainted with the problematic areas of his students and who continues educating himself on these phonological issues of his learners. Also, one who can explain logically and thoroughly how each sound of English is produced.

But most importantly, each lesson conducted by this teacher should deliver results. Each learner must feel his progress in every lesson. Of course, every learner’s capabilities are different, but this is one effective way of knowing if you have found yourself an excellent teacher. If I were a student, I would expect that each of my lesson is an impactful one.

Well, my point here is that the resume of the teacher tells only half of the story. The benchmark for his skills and abilities is the lessons. You will find out through the lessons the veracity of your teacher’s resume.

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