My first time(Discover, Experience and Enjoy the next Boracay: Palawan.)

My first time(Discover, Experience and Enjoy the next Boracay: Palawan.)


Let me introduce myself by taking you to a grand tour around my birth land; PALAWAN.

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Palawan holds the status as a UNESCO Man and Biosphere Reserves and is touted by environmentalists as the Last Frontier of the Environment in the Philippines. Two of its famous tourist destinations; Tubbataha Reef Marine National Park and Puerto Princesa Subterranean River or locally called as “The Underground River”, are World Heritage Sites. It is home to many world-class beach resorts found in its capital city Puerto Princesa, El Nido, Coron, and in its almost every corner. The climate is favorable with an average maximum temperature of 31 Degrees Celsius; the wettest part of the year is in August making scheduling for a trip very convenient, and as such it is frequented by both local and foreign tourists all year round. Depending on the destination, going to Palawan takes an average of one (1) hour by plane from Manila.

Palawan has always captured the hearts of its guests; from local tourists and celebrities to foreign tourists and Hollywood celebrities. Everyone has only good words to say about this place; Rachel Weiz, the Bourne Legacy star, called it “Emerald City”; Shay Mitchell, the Pretty Little Liar star, dubbed it “Paradise”.
And this year, Palawan has been heralded as the 2013 World’s Best Island by Travel + Leisure Magazine, beating Boracay to the top spot.
Thank you for reading. More about me through my birth land to come in my next blog…



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