How to get your money’s worth when studying English.

How to get your money’s worth when studying English.


Here is a short and simple analysis of how the price affects the quality of your English lessons and your overall purpose.


Php 150.00 – Php 250.00

For this type of lesson, you, being the student, are encouraged to talk about anything. Your teacher asks you about anything. There may be textbooks, but it all boils down to one thing; the class is more like a small talk.




Php 250.00 – Php 350.00

A class of this worth has a system, but a very rigid one.  You are expected to settle into the “method” which is created based on the skills and abilities of the existing teachers of the school. You will learn using the textbooks provided by the school and as such everything there is to learn is textbook-based. You will, of course, be able to speak well but only when you find yourself in the situations written in your textbooks. Your training is limited to your textbooks and in the four corners of the room.


In addition, your teachers performed independently from one another. One teacher may be very strict and the other lenient. Consequently, your attitude toward learning will be the same; you will be motivated to study hard for your strict teacher and be a slacker for your other teacher. But,more often than not, you will be tempted to stay lazy.


Php 350.00 – and above

For a class that is worth this much or more, you are assured to learn from different sources; your teachers, the textbooks, your surroundings and experiences. Your textbooks are chosen based on the curriculum that is specially designed for your needs and purpose. You classes are also arranged in such a way that will offer optimum benefits. They are also well coordinated as your teachers keep a daily record of your progress and lapses and share this to one another. Everything you learn in one class doesn’t end in that class. This practice will keep you on your toes.

Your surroundings and experiences are a great source of wisdom and knowledge that you can make use of during your class. As the saying goes “experience is the best teacher”.

And on top of that, you will be taught only by the seasoned and most experienced teachers. These people know fully well how to integrate the class materials, including your own experiences, in order to arrive at a desired result which they, themselves, set daily for the class. And because they are experienced, you will certainly feel progress every single day.


So, when you are considering studying English and want to get your money’s worth, or you are currently studying English, this might be of help. And bear in mind “quality comes with a price”.






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