How do I practice pronunciation on my own?

How do I practice pronunciation on my own?



In English pronunciation, it’s not one size fits all. The strategy that works best for Ms. Sato may not be as effective to Mr. Suzuki nor useful for Ms. Tanaka.

Ms. Sato, however busy she is , never fails to allot time to review everything she learns during her online pronunciation classes. She is as devoted and motivated as her teacher.

Ms. Sato
On the other hand, Mr Suzuki finds watching English movies helpful. He watches cartoon movies as he finds them less difficult to imitate. He always sets aside some time for this despite his busy work schedule. But, it is not all that he does. He still trains online with his teacher.  He believes that he still needs his teacher’s guidance and corrections from time to time.

Mr. Suzuki
Ms Tanaka is a different case. She is a voracious learner. She devotes time to learn the sounds by herself and during her English pronunciation lessons, she practices with her teacher. She is aware that her classes are not enough to help her improve her sounds.

Ms. Tanaka
What I would like to emphasize here is the fact that every learner must find the strategy to help them practice on their own and at their own pace. The teacher always has very good tips and useful advice, but in the end, it is you, the learner, that is going to decide whether such a way proves to be effective. Of course, you will undergo a trial- and- error stage, but just hold that positive attitude and think that something good will come out of it.


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