Can songs help to improve my English Pronunciation?

Can songs help to improve my English Pronunciation?


I use songs as a supplementary material in my Pronunciation lessons. This can be a bit tricky, though, because there are many factors one should take into account before deciding which songs to use in the class. In addition, not all songs may prove useful. Some songs are effective others not. So, what then are the best choices of songs? For me, my choice really depends on the specific needs of the students at a given time. For instance, one student needs to practice mouth and jaw movements without having to think; in cases like this I would choose slow songs.  The slow beat of this kind of song allows the student to feel and concentrate on the movements of his mouth, jaws as well as tongue. If the main issue is linking and blending, I would choose rap (Eminem is the best choice for me). The beat of rap is very similar to that of speaking making it a good choice, too, if you want to increase your speaking speed (without compromising any sounds). Now, if the student wants to focus on the overall aspects of his pronunciation like vowel and consonants sounds, linking and blending, and intonation, I normally use slow rock or pop songs and adapt them to hit the objective of the lesson.

So, if you are planning to use songs as your pronunciation material,  go ahead as long as you know what issues you are going to tackle with and which kind of song matches them

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