a little something from me

a  little something from me


Are you time conscious? Place conscious? Never Conscious? Well, think again.

“Time” has, whether we like it or not, enslaved us, humans. We believe good timing can bring about favorable results. Employees look for the right time to request for a salary increase. Engaged couples consult fortune tellers for the perfect time to tie the knot. Investors wait for the impeccable time to sell their shares of stocks or invest in stocks. Politicians look to the best time to run for an office. Husbands rely on time to inform their better-halves that they wanted out. Boyfriends and girlfriends alike find the best time to break their partners’ hearts. Oddly enough, even all sorts of evil doers, such as terrorists, also time their actions; their next moves; and most importantly, well know where to strike.

But, despite man’s meticulousness with time, they forget to apply it when it comes to learning the English language. Time is very pertinent when deciding to study just as it is when investing, starting a business or simply shopping for a new dress or a pair of pants. Human brain is like a car engine that needs tuning up before a long drive.  Studying English is like a long drive that requires enough preparation: physically, mentally and emotionally , not to mention, financially.


And equally important is to think like a terrorist. What?! Not too fast. Well, what I am trying to say is that together with knowing the right time is to know the right place, right? In the right place, you will meet the right people. If you find the right place and the golden time, you are in good hands.


The bottom line is when we want to study English outside our country; we have to be both time conscious and place conscious. We have to gather as much information we need to help us choose the right school to study at. And the first question we must ask is: How can you help me LEARN English (not How can you teach me?)






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