How to get a good TOEIC score part 4

How to get a good TOEIC score part 4

Now, let’s solve this problem.

7. Tonight’s speech will be followed ________ by a reception for Bluebonnet Travel Services’ new vice president.

  • a. Often
  • b. Directly
  • c. Already
  • d. Lately
All of the choices are adverbs. Now, for a test taker whose official language does not include English, choosing the right adverb is indeed a challenge. Let’s narrow down the choices.

Let’s remove the obviously wrong choices. You can’t choose OFTEN because the sentence is talking about an event tonight. You can’t choose ALREADY because this means the event has been carried out, but the verb WILL BE is in the future tense.

We have only two choices now. Now that the choices have been narrowed down, it’s easy to see that LATELY is a very bad choice, so the answer is DIRECTLY. Why is LATELY a bad choice?

Lately means recently, something that happened for not so long ago. Again, the sentence is talking about an event which will happen, not an event that has just happened.

Let’s solve this problem.

8. Caritas Kitchen Accessories is best known for its line of _______ coffeemakers.
  • a. Depends
  • b. Depended
  • c. Depending
  • d. Dependable
Look at the word after the blank. The word is a noun. Which part of speech describes a noun? Of course, it’s an adjective. Now, which among the choices is an adjective? Of course, it’s the word DEPENDABLE.

Now let’s answer this question.


9. Comments or suggestions concerning our dining service _______ welcome.
  • a. Is
  • b. Are
  • c. To be
  • d. Being
After an intensive training, a TOEIC student can answer this question in 2 seconds. Look at the SUBECT, COMMENTS or SUGGESTIONS. This is not a problem because both of them are plural. Of course, a plural subjects takes ARE as its verb.

10. Eastway Theater’s advertising strategy has been to rely _______ on digital media.
  • a. Increase
  • b. Increases
  • c. Increasing
  • d. Increasingly
Look at the blank. What does it require? We know that it requires an adverb because the verb rely needs a modifier. The answer, therefore, is D.









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